giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

The Pianist Over The Rainbow

My name is Raul, I create videogames in my mind and I have a proposal for you:

If you like my videogames, you are free to develop them.
If they have commercial success, I ask 20% of your profit.
To better reach the possible developers, I will give 20% of my profits to who will find for me these developers.
In other words, find a developer that likes my idea,  if  the game is developed and gets commercial success you will get your share.
For example: 1.000.000 Euro of profit, you will get 40.000 Euro (20% of 20% of 1.000.000).
For 10.000 Euro profit, you will get 400 Euro.
For 1.000 Euro profit, you will get 40 Euro.
The idea is simple, so if you believe it can work, on it!

Thank you!


  The Pianist Over the Rainbow
       (first game)

The game is a first person shooter.
The PC (Playable Character) is a pianist.
The setting is big concert hall full of people, on the stage a concert piano.
The game start with the PC in front of the piano's keyboard and a big applause from the audience.
On the top of the piano, the score of a composition and a set of weapons.
The PC after the applause plays automatically the score (just an extract of a composition).
A monster will appear somewhere in the hall trying to kill the PC and the audience.
The Player has to defeat the monster with the weapons on the top of the piano with minimum casualties.
Once the monster has been killed, another applause, as if it were the end of the concert.
Statistics about the gameplay.

The games is all here, repeated with different monsters; after every composition (just an extract of few seconds) a new monster will appear.
The appeal of the game is in the surprise of the monsters; which monster will appear after the music?
My suggest is to create at least 30 different monsters, everyone has to be very different and well characterized.

I remember the developers that a simple idea like that can go a long way if well realized (Pac Man is just a yellow thing that eats pills chased by ghosts).

Thank you and good work!
Feel free to contact me if you are interested.



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